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Is assistive technology right for you?

Assistive technology (AT) is defined as “…any item, piece of equipment, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals”. Unsurprisingly as technology continues to improve at unprecedented rates, there has been a consistent rise in AT for the past decade.

With aspirations of private living past the retirement age continuing to soar, alongside rising life expectancy, living a fully independent life has never been so important for us.

The Mi-Guardian service is one of the leading forms of AT in its field, supporting individuals to live a happy, worry-free and, ultimately, independent life.

call-team-icon-halfBut, it’s not just vital to the user of assistive technology either, it’s equally important to loved ones, who want safeguards in place not only for their family but for themselves too.  Possessing a Mi-Guardian personal alarm alleviates fear of accidents or emergencies in the home, by providing the reassurance that our highly-skilled and friendly team is there for you all day, every day, should you need it.

The Mi-Guardian alarm is available as a pendant or a wrist band and is not only subtle in appearance and size, but it costs as little as £3.50 per-week, to guarantee consistent, around the clock care.

All our customers have tailored needs, so we can send you a sample of the pendant or wrist band, if you want to see one, plus Mi-Guardian runs a <free 8-week trial> so you can be sure the service is right for you.

If you feel you would benefit from a Mi-Guardian alarm, or know someone that would, then get in touch today with one of our friendly team on 0800 130 0011.