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Safety inside, and outside the home

Living with Dementia shouldn’t stop you living in your own home. So to help you keep your independence, the Mi-Guardian Personal Alarm protects you both inside and outside your home.

Our alarms can be worn as pendants or kept in your pocket, and are fitted with GPS technology to keep track of where you go. So if you leave your home and find yourself lost, or someone in your chosen response network reports you as missing, our team will alert the emergency services or your friends and family to your whereabouts.

Inside the home, the Dementia alarm can be used in exactly the same way as a normal alarm. If you need assistance, simply press the button on your alarm and our highly trained staff will get you the right help, right away. They’ll ensure you get the right help, right away – whether it’s an ambulance, making contact with your GP or just a visit from a family member or friend that you nominated to give you further support.

We’re already helping thousands of people with Dementia stay independent, so why not join them?

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