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How does a Mi-Guardian Personal Pendant Alarm Work?

Simply put, Mi-Guardian is a personal pendant alarm which, when pressed or triggered by a fall, connects the user to a UK based monitoring team. The monitoring team can then contact the user via an intercom or telephone to make an assessment of the situation and determine the best course of action, be that requesting emergency assistance or simply asking friends of family to make contact.

What happens when I press the alarm?

Pressing the button triggers an alert for our monitoring team who will then contact the user via the speaker system or on the phone. This first response will come just seconds after the button is pressed. Our support team will seek to understand what has happened and what level of assistance is required.

During the subscription process, we will ask the user to nominate friends or family that can be contacted in the event of an emergency or that they would want us to contact if they simply needed some help. Once assessment has been carried out, we will then contact either the emergency services or one of the nominated network of friends, family or carers and provide them with necessary information such as address, incident details and any access codes for doors or locks.

How much does it cost to press my personal alarm?

Mi-Guardian comes at a flat monthly price based on a personalised package of alarms and monitors. The system is live from the time of subscription and can be activated immediately upon receipt if required.

What are the personal alarm units like and what wiring is required?

The Mi-Guardian personal alarm is typically worn as a pendant or wristband and operates wirelessly. The service can be extended to include additional product monitors for gas, flood and smoke to suit the personal needs, wishes and activity level of each user.

The intercom/speaker that is supplied connects into a standard telephone line and plugs into a nearby power point.

The image at the top of the page shows two of our typical standard units and pendants.

Does pressing my personal alarm mean I will have to go to hospital?

Pressing the alarm alerts our monitoring team who will then make contact with the user and carry out an assessment of the situation. If the user is hurt, in pain or feeling unwell the emergency services can be contacted by our monitoring team, directed to the address and given any access codes required to enter the property.

If the alert does not give rise to concern for the health of the user or is not assessed as an emergency, one of the users’ response network will be contacted, normally a friend, neighbour or member of the family.

Does the system affect my BT line?

The simple answer is no.

Whilst Mi-Guardian does use your telephone line as a means of communication, the technology inside our unit allows your telephone to continue functioning as normal even if the Mi-Guardian system is in use.

You should not experience any interference with your telephone calls or internet connection whilst running the Mi-Guardian service.

Can I wear my personal alarm in bed?

You can wear your personal alarm when you go to sleep, but please be aware that if you roll over, you could accidentally make a call to the monitoring centre. You could instead leave it on your bedside table (next to your bed), but please remember to put it on if you get up in the night.

Is my personal alarm waterproof?

It is splash-proof so you can wear it in the shower, but not in the bath. Just leave it by the side of you whilst bathing, which is within grabbing distance.

Can I wear the personal alarm on my wrist?

Yes, we offer different wearing options to suit your preference.

What happens if I press my personal alarm by mistake?

Just wait for the call centre to answer and then let them know you’re ok and that you’re testing your personal alarm or you pressed it by mistake. They won’t mind and like you to test it monthly, as it keeps the personal alarm’s battery charging up.

How will the ambulance service get in if I need medical help?

Either your nominated key holder will be called (by the monitoring centre) to let them in or if you have a key safe the monitoring centre will give them the keycode and location of it.

How do key safes work?

It is a small safe, which is fitted to a wall outside your front door (or in a location you’d prefer). You can store a spare key in it. You’ll be asked to choose a unique pin number to open it – which only you, your next of kin and the monitoring centre will know.

Will my personal alarm work in the garden?

The range is about 50 metres from the base unit. GPS locators can be used if you need reassurance away from the home.

What will happen if they can’t hear me?

The call centre will try to talk to you through the base unit; they’ll increase the volume if they can’t hear you or ring you back on your landline before asking your key holders to attend.

Will I be charged VAT?

You do not have to pay the VAT on some goods and services if you are disabled or have a long-term condition (such as high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes) and the goods are designed to help you with your daily living. You will need to complete a declaration form otherwise we have to assume VAT is chargeable.

How quickly can I get my personal alarm?

It depends on your critical needs, but normally you can expect it to be with you within a couple of days of ordering it.

Can I test my personal alarm so I know it works?

Yes please, we actively ask service users to test their personal alarm at least once a month to help keep the battery charged. When you do a test just let the monitoring centre know you are ok and are only testing. If you do not reply, they will assume it is a genuine call for assistance.

Why is my smoke alarm beeping?

When it beeps it means that the 9v battery needs replacing. Once it has been replaced, simply hold down the test button and and let the monitoring centre know you’re testing your smoke alarm. We recommend you test your smoke alarm each month.

How much is the personal alarm to lease?

Prices start from £3.99 a week plus VAT (unless you’re exempt from VAT). You will receive an eight week free trial, with no obligation to continue if you don’t think the alarm is suitable.

Will the personal alarm interfere with my broadband?

Not necessarily, you may need a broadband filter installed onto each of your phone line points, which the personal alarm will be plugged in to. If installed this way, your internet and phones should work fine alongside your alarm unit.

What other sensors do you offer?

In addition to the personal alarm (which is an additional cost), you can also lease from us smoke alarms, fall sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, medication dispensers, heat detectors, flood detectors, temperature extreme sensors, additional pendants, passive infra-red sensors, care pagers and GPS locators. Prices are available on request and before purchasing we will always do a suitability check.

Can I order additional pendants?

The base unit comes with one personal alarm, but if additional people in the same house would like their own personal alarm, these are available for £1 per week plus VAT.

How do I cancel?

This is an easy process and can be requested over the phone. As per our terms and conditions, we do ask for one month’s notice (not applicable if the service user passes away). Once you notify us that you no longer require the service we will arrange for a courier or one of our technicians to collect the equipment from you. If you live near to one of our service centres, you can drop everything there. We will talk through these options with you.

How do I change my contact details?

You can press your personal alarm or base unit and let the call centre know the new information. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 130 0011 or email info@mi-guardian.co.uk.

Can I take my alarm with me if I move?

Yes, you will need to notify us of your new address and phone number and you may need to adjust your keyholders listed.

You will need to disconnect the equipment, when you are ready, and ensure all the cables are kept safe. When you install everything at your new address, it’s important to test and notify the monitoring centre that you are now living at your new address.

If your alarm was originally prescribed by an occupational therapist then you should contact us before you move, as you may have sensors that belong to the local authority.

If I am with another provider, can I switch to you?

Yes. This is an easy process, which we can talk through with you.

How can I tell which telecare alarm company I am with?

There will be a company label on your alarm unit with their details or you can press your personal alarm and the call centre will tell you who your provider is.