The People Behind Miguardian

Millbrook Healthcare

Millbrook Healthcare

Established in 1995, Millbrook Healthcare is a family run business that has become a leader in independent living solutions. Based in Southampton, they provide both the NHS and local councils with a wide range of solutions, helping tens of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of living in their own home.

As well as personal alarms such as Mi-Guardian, Millbrook can provide everything from walkers and bedrails to handrails and ramps, and are experts in adapting the home to improve access and safety.

Millbrook is an independent company with over 600 employees – the vast majority of which work directly with the end-user. This allows them to see first-hand the happiness that independent living can bring and enables them to continuously improve their products and services they provide.

Millbrook Healthcare is already helping tens of thousands of people stay independent in their own home, so why not join them, and start your free trial today.

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