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Upcoming Ambulance Strikes

1 year ago
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The Great Digital Switch Over

We’ve already experienced one big switch over when analogue TVs were replaced by digital TVs, now the UK is gearing up for the next big switch when analogue telephone lines will be replaced across the country by digital lines.

2 years ago
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Living With The Risk of Falls

 A significant number of people aged 60 & over, are concerned about having a fall which may result in hospital admission, lengthy rehabilitation impacting quality of life, and in some circumstances more devastating consequences.

2 years ago
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Living With Dementia

If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia it’s still possible to live an independent life in your own home and to carry on with your favourite activities. At Mi-Guardian we provide a wide range of Technology Enabled Care solutions to help you to continue to live in your own home for as long as possible.

2 years ago
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We were delighted to be awarded the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) certification at the ITEC Conference 2018.

2 years ago
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