Living With Dementia

Living With Dementia
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Living with Dementia

If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia it’s still possible to live an independent life in your own home and to carry on with your favourite activities. At Mi-Guardian we provide a wide range of Technology Enabled Care solutions to help you to continue to live in your own home for as long as possible.

Personal alarm calls allowing you to call for help from our 24/7, 365 days a year from our UK based contact centre. Our team of responders will assess the situation and determine whether you need help from one of your nominated friends, family or carers or more immediate care from the emergency services

Falls detectors that monitor your normal movements and using intelligent algorithms determine when you have experienced a fall. Unless the alarm call is cancelled the 24/7, 365 days a year UK based contact centre will assess the help needed. Whether that’s a visit from a friend, family or carer or a visit from the emergency services.

GPS Alarms that can keep you connected to your care network 24/7 as well as being able to raise an alarm through the SOS function which will connect you to our 24/7, 365 days a year UK based contact centre. You can programme the device for safe areas allowing your family, friends or care network to know if you leave pre-agreed safety zones.


Dementia has numerous symptoms associated with a decline in brain function, including • memory loss • thinking speed • mental agility • language • understanding • judgement

Other symptoms can include: • difficulties with concentration • depression • personality and mood changes • confusion • difficulty finding the right words


An early diagnosis helps with getting the right treatment and to plan for the future. In diagnosing dementia, a GP will conduct a series of tests, such as a physical examination, blood test and memory tasks. The doctor may also ask about any medications being taken, as some can cause symptoms that mimic dementia. If the doctor is unsure of the diagnosis, referral to a specialist is the next step, where further tests will be undertaken, such as a brain scan.

Activities for Dementia

An active social life is essential for the wellbeing of those with dementia. The types of activities beneficial to those with dementia include: • Arts and crafts • Sensory activities • Gentle exercise • Meeting with friends/support groups The Elderly Activities website provides lots of ideas for keeping active.


Care and support

Over time, help may be needed to care for those with dementia. The NHS, Social Services and voluntary organisations can provide helpful advice and support. Please see links below for a number of useful websites.

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