Keeping your loved ones safe at home

We offer a variety of solutions to ensure peace of mind for your loved ones living independently

Helping you to live independently

We offer a variety of solutions to support your independent living and keep you in your home

Our Best Selling Plans

Safe at Home Falls Pack  

Image is of a wrist worn falls detector

From £7.00 per week

  • Have complete peace of mind with our Safe at Home Falls Pack
  • No numbers to remember
  • Help in any emergency
  • Easy to use
  • Choose how you wear the alarm
  • Simple to set up
  • 2 year battery charge

Safe at Home Personal Alarm

Image is of a base unit and alarm pendantImage is of a base unit and alarm pendant
Base unit and alarm pendant

From £5.00 per week

  • Plug and Play
  • No numbers to remember
  • Super Lightweight
  • 24/7 UK based support
  • Easy to wear
  • Works in the home and garden
  • 5 year battery charge

Safe Out & About Alarm

Image if of an Oysta Pearl plus GPS alarmImage if of an Oysta Pearl plus GPS alarm
Oysta Pearl GPS alarm

From £9.00 per week

  • Works everywhere in the UK
  • Easy operation - one touch SOS button
  • No numbers to remember
  • Also works as a Fall detector
  • One touch SOS button
  • Help wherever you need it
  • 4 day battery life

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How our personal alarms work?

1. Just press the button on your pendant when you need help

2. We answer every call and after seconds you'll be connected via loudspeaker to our highly trained team

3. We'll send the right help straight away whether this is contacting a family member or the emergency services

Image shows a finger pressing a buttonImage shows a finger pressing a button
finger pressing a button

Our Customers

Images shows a pendant alarm on a green backgroundImages shows a pendant alarm on a green background
Pendant Alarm

A (Oxford) was pressing her lifeline when she only needed her husband’s attention in the next room. She knew this was a waste of the monitoring centre’s resources, so we reassessed them for a pager. Now their unit can be pressed to the monitoring centre if they need external help and A’s pendant just alerts her husband via the pager that he wears around the house and garden.

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Mrs C (Dorset) was frail due to a chest infection and did not have the strength to get herself up. She used her pendant and was admitted to hospital for four days. Her daughter said they do not know what they’d do without the lifeline. “It’s worth its weight in gold”. She said her mother wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her personal alarm.

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Mrs R (Plymouth) choked on a chicken bone so pressed her pendant and an ambulance was sent quickly and solved the issue at home as she declined to go to hospital. Mi-Guardian gives her family peace of mind and it is reassuring for her husband who can now confidently go out and leave his wife at home alone.

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