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How to self-install your personal alarm

Please watch this video if you have received your personal alarm via the post.


Welcome to your Mi-guardian self-installation video.

Once we receive your order, our courier will deliver your Mi-guardian service directly to your door.

Your personal alarm system has already been programmed and is ready for you to connect.

Inside your parcel, you’ll find an easy guide book to help you install your new personal alarm.

As you open up the box, you will see all of the items as detailed in your guide. This includes:
• Your alarm base unit and pendant
• Connecting cover and stand
• Power lead
• Telecom lead
• Wrist strap and
• Two neck cords; one black and one white

We find it easiest if you take everything out of the box before you start.

Each lead is colour-coded. Simply match the lead into the corresponding colour.

Once all of the leads are plugged in, take it with you to where your main telephone line comes into your home. You will also need a mains power socket so that your unit has a continual source of power.

Unplug the existing telephone from your phone socket and plug this into the back of your unit with the yellow dot.
Then plug the white cable into the telephone socket on your wall.

It’s now time to test your unit. Make sure that the power is on at the switch and when you’re ready, press your pendant.

*Pendant alarm. Please wait, dialling for assistance*

This will trigger your unit to connect to the monitoring centre who are expecting your call.

*Hello, Mrs Jones. You’re through to the monitoring centre. Are you OK?*
*Yes, I’m fine. Just doing a test call.*
*OK. Yes. That’s all come through fine. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day*
*Thank you. Bye Bye*
*Bye Bye*

That’s your installation completed.

You can continue as normal with reassurance that help is at hand at the touch of a button.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please call our team on 0800 1300011.

Thank you for using our Mi-guardian service.

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